Wifi Attachment

Wifi Attachment

Did you ever wish your Reef Angel Controller could access the internet wirelessly?

The wifi attachment is your gateway for remote communication to your Reef Angel Controller. You can connect to your controller through several methods, including iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, web browser, Reef Angel Status app, Portal and any other future application. Because the Portal is a web application, you will be able to use it in any device that has a web browser.

Note: The preloaded code will not communicate with this attachment without code modification.


  • Wireless 802.11 b/g network compatible
  • Powered by Wifly GSX module
  • Supports Adhoc and infrastructure networking
  • Secure WiFi authentication WEP-128, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA2-PSK
  • Built-in networking applications DHCP, UDP, DNS, ARP, ICMP
  • Configuration over UART or wireless interfaces using simple ASCII commands
  • Over the air firmware upgrade (FTP)
  • On-board ceramic chip antenna

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