Reef Angel Installer - Arduino

Reef Angel Installer - Arduino


- Reef Angel Installer - Arduino (Windows)

Mac OS X

- Reef Angel Installer - Arduino (Mac OS X)

Our libraries are hosted at github. For those that would like to follow develpment progress, you can fork a copy here:

Community Contributions

Community Contributions

Contributor: Curt Binder

- Reef Angel Status
Reef Angel Status is a Java based application that queries your Reef Angel Controller for parameter, PWM and ATO port updates. You can also update date/time and internal memory settings, such as light schedule, timers or any available current or future settings.

- Reef Angel Android App
Got a Android Smart Phone? Check out your parameters and more right from your phone.

- Reef Angel iPhone iOS7 App
Did you update to the new Apple iOS7? Download this app for your monitoring needs.

Contributor: Dave Molton

- Reef Angel Client Suite
Reef Angel Client Suite is a windows based application that gives you a ton of features. From logging to graphs and easy view of all your relay statuses with your own chosen names, you have a very dynamic 2-way communication with your Reef Angel controller. The list doesn't stop. Download and check it out for yourself.

- Graphical Wifi Utility
This application is a must to setup your wifi attachment. Very simple and intuitive fields, let's you configure your wifi attachment in a few seconds.

- Windows Gadget
Designed to work with Windows Vista or 7. Add a Reef Angel Windows Gadget to your side gadget bar and keep your parameters always visible on your Desktop.
An update was later released by dedvalson. Update for Windows Gadget

Contributor: John Wiebalk

This iPhone app lets you control and monitor parameters of your Reef Angel controller from your iPhone or iPad. Simple to use and extreme easy access at your fingertip.

Contributor: Keenan Newton

- Reef Angel Remote
Reef Angel Remote is a windows based application designed to work on Windows 8 Phones. It offers monitoring and control of your Reef Angel Controller with many visual gauges and easy to use controls.

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