Aquarium Control and monitoring at your fingertips

Reef Angel is an open-source aquarium controller built on the very stable Arduino platform, anything is possible with our controller!

User App

Our Reef Angel app, is simple to use and gives you precise control and monitoring capabilities from anywhere in the world. 

Enjoy custom Email or Push notifications, change controller settings, log manual tasks and reminders and much more!

Reef Angel Star Controller

Our Reef Angel Star is our latest flagship controller. It has 2.8″ capacitive touch screen to view and control all aspects of your aquarium even in an event of your internet connection going down.

Includes 8 port relay box to control vital aquarium equipment. Monitors and controls all aspects of your Aquarium with one device.

The Webwizard

Setting up your Reef Angel is a breeze with our user-friendly online Webwizard. In just a few minutes, you can have your controller up and running, tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, our wizard simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly select options and automatically generate the necessary code.

You also have the flexibility to write your own code and create custom functions or settings, providing a truly personalized experience for your aquarium management.

Why Reef Angel?

Reef Angel stands out by embracing freedom and compatibility, not limiting you to a single ecosystem. Our controllers effortlessly integrate with numerous brands, offering versatile management of various pumps and lighting systems.

Equipped with built-in screens, our controllers provide uninterrupted access to all functionalities, ensuring you’re never at a disadvantage—even during an internet outage or when your phone’s battery runs out.

Born from a hobbyist’s passion, Reef Angel thrives on its open-source nature, making it the most customizable aquarium controller available, designed to cater precisely to your unique reef-keeping journey.”


  • Monitor Temperature
  • Control Heater
  • Wavemakers
  • Control Chiller
  • Led Dimming
  • Analog and PWM
  • I/O 
  • Control Pumps
  • Control Reactors
  • Monitor Salinity
  • DC Pump Control
  • Wave Patterns
  • Check for leaks
  • Auto Top Off
  • Control Lights
  • Check Water Level
  • Control Skimmer
  • Implement AWC
  • Moon Lights
  • Buzzer for Alarms
  • 8 Relay boxes
  • Monitor PH
  • Monitor Orp

Reef Angel Controllers go beyond the basics – the possibilities for your aquarium are truly limitless.

Open Source

The Reef Angel Aquarium Controller proudly stands as the first open-source aquarium controller in the market, offering reefing enthusiasts complete control over both hardware and software to perfectly meet their unique reefing requirements.

Rooted in the same open-source electronics prototyping platform as the globally renowned Arduino, the Reef Angel Aquarium Controller epitomizes stability and reliability. What does this mean for you? It ensures that your aquarium is managed by one of the most dependable and trusted platforms available, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to customize your reefing experience to your heart’s content.

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