Dimming Expansion

Introducing the Dimming Expansion Module for Reef Angel Systems: Take your aquarium control to the next level with our Dimming Expansion Module, designed to provide unmatched flexibility and customization options for your Reef Angel system. With six additional dimming channels, this module allows you to expand your system’s capabilities, enabling you to control lights, create light schedules, orchestrate intricate wave patterns for DC pumps, and much more.

Signal type flexibility is at your fingertips, as each channel can be individually configured to accommodate your specific needs. Choose from four possible signal types for each channel:

  • 0-10VDC PWM
  • 0-5VDC PWM
  • 0-10VDC Analog
  • 0-5VDC Analog

Whether you prefer precise voltage control or the pulsating rhythms of pulse-width modulation (PWM), this expansion module empowers you to tailor your control settings to suit your aquarium’s unique requirements.

With the ability to control lights, create custom light schedules, simulate natural lighting conditions, and orchestrate wave patterns for DC pumps, the Dimming Expansion Module offers unparalleled versatility and functionality. Elevate your aquarium experience and unlock endless possibilities for customization with the Dimming Expansion Module for Reef Angel Systems.

(Note: Only one expansion module can be connected to your system without an Expansion Hub.)


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Code Examples

place in void loop

DC Pump Control
ReefAngel.DCPump.ExpansionChannel[0] = Sync;

ReefAngel.DCPump.UseMemory = true;

ReefAngel.DCPump.ExpansionChannel[1] = Sync;

ReefAngel.DCPump.ExpansionChannel[2] = AntiSync;

ReefAngel.DCPump.ExpansionChannel[3] = None;

ReefAngel.DCPump.ExpansionChannel[4] = None;

ReefAngel.DCPump.ExpansionChannel[5] = None;

Light control
ReefAngel.PWM.SetChannel(1, PWMSlope( 11,45,22,30,20,55,330,0 ) );

ReefAngel.PWM.SetChannel(2, PWMSlope( 11,45,23,45,50,90,450,0 ) );

Or you can simply use the wizard to set your module.

Limited Two-Year Warranty

Reef Angel products are warranted against defective materials or workmanship for two years from the date of original purchase. Proof of purchase is required. This warranty does not apply if, in the judgement of Reef Angel, the product fails due to damage from shipment, handling, storage, accident, abuse or misuse, or if it has been used or maintained in a manner not conforming to product’s instructions or has been modified in any way.


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