RF Expansion

The RF Expansion Module allows control of the Ecotech Vortech pumps with ES wireless drivers.

Powered by Ecotech RF Module, you will be able to emulate any operational mode (Constant, Reef Crest, Lagoonal, Short Pulse and Long Pulse) as well as the Ecosmart modes (Tidal Swell and Nutrient Export) and on top of that, the ability to create your own custom wave pattern.

And that is not all!!!

Additionally, you will be able to have custom control of all channels and intensity of the Radion XR30w LED fixture.

Clouds and turbulent water, Thunderstorm and really agitated water, more circulation during the photoperiod while providing a calmer period for fish to rest at night. Just imagine and we can make that a reality!!

Note: Only one expansion module can be connected to your system without an Expansion Hub.


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  • RF Expansion
  • Cable

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