Rope Leak Sensor Cable 15FT

Rope Leak Sensor cable 15ft, can be daisy chained, and plugs directly into the Star Controller.

  • Detects leaks over the entire length
  • Turn off pump, ports or any device controlled by Reef Angel
  • Get notified when a leak occurs

Includes Sensor Cable, and floor clips.


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Introducing the Reef Angel Rope Leak Sensor: This advanced sensor is designed specifically for Reef Angel aquariums, offering precise leak detection capabilities across its 15-foot length. Easily installable and adaptable to various tank configurations, this sensor provides comprehensive coverage to safeguard against leaks.

With its daisy-chaining capability, users can extend coverage even further, ensuring no area of the aquarium is left unprotected. When a leak is detected, the sensor promptly sends signals to the central monitoring system, enabling automatic shutdown of pumps and equipment to prevent further damage.

This sensor offers peace of mind to aquarium enthusiasts, providing real-time notifications of any detected leaks, allowing for immediate action to mitigate risks and protect the aquarium ecosystem. Reliability, sensitivity, and ease of installation make the Reef Angel Rope Leak Sensor an essential component of any reef aquarium setup

Limited Two-Year Warranty

Reef Angel products are warranted against defective materials or workmanship for two years from the date of original purchase. Proof of purchase is required. This warranty does not apply if, in the judgement of Reef Angel, the product fails due to damage from shipment, handling, storage, accident, abuse or misuse, or if it has been used or maintained in a manner not conforming to product’s instructions or has been modified in any way.



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