Water Level Expansion


The Reef Angel Water Expansion Module will let you monitor your sump or display tank water level and give you a precise indication that you can use to turn on/off your equipment.

Example of things you could do:

  • Implement an ATO. No more mechanical float switches that can be easily tampered by a simple snail
  • Shut off return pumps to avoid overflow
  • Shut off ATO pumps to avoid them running dry
  • Implement an Automatic Water Change
  • Alert you of any abnormality that can be found by monitoring the level of water



  • Pressure sensitive sensor (No mechanical sensors or moving parts)
  • Up to 30″ of range
  • Uses any standard 1/2″ PVC pipe to measure the water level


Note: Only one expansion module can be connected to your system without an Expansion Hub.

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